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Centralized Monitoring

Some locations or multiple locations require constant monitoring of restricted areas from a secure location. AA Security Solution's outstanding line of HD network video recorders allow for continuous real-time monitoring and have the ability to be monitored remotely from a VMS software. Our devices VMS software allows for monitor live, playing back, and backing up from anywhere.

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Vandel Proof Camera
HD Over Coax

Commercial  Surveillance Systems

Secure connections are very important to remote viewing. Our NVRs and IPCs include an optional HTTPS connection port that can be used in place of the standard web connection port. This will insure a secure connection to the recorder using a device side SSL Certificate.

4K Network Recorder
Mobile Monitoring
Wide Dynamic Range Demonstration


AA Security Solutions offers a 3 year warranty on all of our IP Solution product line and all of our recorders. We also offer a 3 Year warranty on all off our HD-CVI cameras! AA Security Solutions also offers an advanced replacement on all of our products to keep customers with minimal down time.

HD-CVI Solution
Use existing analog system infrastructure to update your recorders and cameras to HD! AA Security Solutions offers HD-CVI products witch can do up to 1080P over coax. No need to run all new wiring use the same cable that has been ran for the analog system. HD cameras provide substantially better clarity than analog cameras at the same price.


Easy and quick backup from anywhere
It can be vital to review incidents and back up important events quickly and efficiently, thereby having the evidence needed to apprehend criminals. All of AA Security Solution's HD network video recorders have search features available on the web browser and VMS software, allowing for backup from practically any location. As well as being able to review play back from a smartphone or tablet.

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Wide Dynamic Range

AA Security Solutions carries multiple WDR Uniview IP Cameras. WDR (Wide Dynamic Rage) is great for entry ways and area with high light. Cameras with WDR allow for seeing all regions of the image no matter the difference in lux between the two areas.
Uniview's IPC242ER5-DL camera allows for slow shutter speeds to be enabled. Slowing the cameras shutters speed down allows for less light to come into the lens, effectively dimming headlights allowing for the plate to be seen.

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Backup Anywhere

Pan / Tilt / Zoom

For those large corridors and site grounds, a high definition megapixel pan/tilt/zoom camera can scan the area, eliminating the need for multiple cameras and human patrols. Additionally, DH Vision PTZ s can be controlled from standard web browsers and mobile devices. With Optical zoom up to 30x and laser IR with one camera you can cover up to 500M (500+ yards)

Motorized Lens

AA Security Solutions carries multiple motorized lens HD-CVI camera models. Motorized-Lens cameras come in turret dome style and bullet style. Cameras having a Motorized-Lens allow for 3x optical zoom and allow for auto focusing the camera, this allows for the best quality image with a perfect scene crop

Monitoring from Anywhere
AA Security Solution's stand-alone video recorders and network cameras are supported by software that gives users the ability to live view and playback footage from anywhere. All systems have software that can be used on a computer, smartphone, or via a web browser from on site or off!

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(561) 436-7910

Uniview Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

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Network Recording in 4k & 1080p

AA Security Solution's line of Uniview 4k and 1080p recorders give powerful super high resolution recordings. This allows for the absolute clearest images surveillance can provide. Combined with Micro SD card edge recording on select network IP cameras, you can rest easy with the knowledge that every moment will be captured, even in the event of hard drive or network failure.

Centralized Monitoring
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Vandal Proof
Vandalism and robberies are a common occurrence in urban centers. With AA Security Solution's vandal proof cameras, you can have peace of mind that pedestrians and local businesses will always be under your watchful eye.


Running a business can be difficult when the threat of intruders looms over your operations.
Improve productivity, protect employees from harm, prevent theft and minimize property damage with
AA Security Solution's excellent line of 4k and 1080p network video recorders and high definition cameras.